We believe every family has a legacy to protect. It is our mission to use our experience to protect your legacy. Don’t lose what you spent a lifetime building. We can give you peace of mind that your legacy will be protected.

Our informative seminar will cover important topics including:

  • Why your power of attorney may be “powerless”.
  • The truth about revocable living trusts and probate avoidance.
  • What you must do now to protect your home and assets from long-term care/nursing home loss.

(Additional topics are listed below the seminar dates.)

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In addition to the topics listed above, our seminar will also discuss:

  • What you must change in your estate plan due to COVID-19.
  • What the government’s new tax law means for you.
  • How Pennsylvania’s Medicaid law looks back at your assets under the new laws and how the ineligibility period affects you.
  • How to leverage your assets to stay at home as long as possible.
  • Why a revocable living trust or a simple “I love you” will could “bear trap” your assets into paying for long-term care.
  • How you may be liable for your parent’s long-term care.
  • How you can protect your legacy.
  • The Pennsylvania power of attorney law change at 01/01/2015.
  • How the death of the “Stretch IRA” affects your beneficiaries.
  • How the October 2018 VA changes to the war time veteran aid and attendance program may affect you and your spouse.

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