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Are you protected from the high costs of nursing home and long term care?

You have worked hard all your life and saved for a comfortable retirement. You plan to pass on a nice legacy to your children and grandchildren. Then the unthinkable happens — you learn that you have a debilitating disease or injury that prevents you from working and over time you will require long term nursing care. How will your family manage without your income? How will you pay for expensive medical care that may last months or even years?

The Attorneys at Shields & Boris are here to help you through these troubled times. Our team will provide you with strategies to legally protect your assets from long term care expenses and qualify for Medicaid.

Do you have to go broke before you can qualify for Medicaid?

The annual cost of long term care can exhaust a person’s lifetime savings in a matter of months . Fortunately, you don’t have to go broke before you qualify for Medicaid benefits. Even if you or a loved one are already in a nursing home it is possible to arrange your assets to protect them from medical costs and qualify for Medicaid assistance. The attorneys at Shields & Boris have over 20 years experience securing asset protection for their clients in Western Pennsylvania.

Current estimates place the average monthly cost for nursing home care in Allegheny County Pennsylvania at over $9,000. These ever increasing costs can easily exceed the annual expense of a college education. With the help of the attorneys at Shields & Boris, you will be able to structure your assets in a way that will protect them for your loved ones and still qualify for Medicaid. We will work closely with you to develop a strategy that will suit your family’s needs. Contact us and we can help you make sense of it all!

Where can I find an experienced Elder Law Attorney?

Attorney, Jim Shields has dedicated his career to being a friend and guide to families as they seek legal advise in difficult times. Both Jim Shields and Tom Boris are members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys focusing their legal expertise on the unique issues facing the elder population in Pennsylvania. At Shields & Boris we have been recognized by the American Association for Retired Persons and are part of the AARP Legal Services Network.

We are lawyers and also educators working to help seniors and their families from throughout the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania area. Over the past ten years, seniors have benefited from the many elder law and estate planning seminars and presentations made by Jim Shields and his team.

The Shields & Boris elder law attorneys are known for the personal attention we give to our clients! We will listen to your goals and provide you a plan to meet your desired outcomes. Our attorneys are experienced in the variety of options available to you for asset protection from long term care expenses:

We will help you and your loved ones determine the right combination of options to develop a comprehensive long term care plan for your estate. You don’t have to give up your life’s treasure before you can access Medicaid support. Call us for a free consultation and to discuss your family’s situation, 724-862-4860.

Can you help me plan for the future?

Anticipating what your needs will be years into the future can seem an overwhelming task. What will happen with the continuing rise in the cost of health care? How does the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) impact my estate plans and what if there are more changes in the years to come? Living in Pennsylvania, do I need to do something different from my other family members who live out of state? How will my spouse be taken care of if I am ill for a long period of time?

We know that these and other questions trouble many of our clients. We know there are many issues for each family to consider when working in the area of elder law and estate planning. Fortunately, our lawyers at Shields & Boris face these issues every day. We are constantly learning about new changes to local, state and federal laws and how these apply to our clients’ estates. We are prepared to guide you through this difficult time and will show you the most beneficial strategies to maximize your family’s assets.

Always working to serve you better, the team of Shields & Boris continues to develop resources to assist our clients in elder law issues. Our team is knowledgeable of the ever-changing laws that impact the senior population in Pennsylvania.

Put your fears to rest and contact the Law Offices of Shields & Boris for answers to your questions regarding elder law and Medicaid asset protection.

We care about you and your family’s legacy!

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