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A living trust is a legal document that can stabilize your family’s legacy, but it takes expertise on the part of your attorney as well as considerable forethought on your part. The legal team at The Elder Law Offices of Shields & Boris has a broad understanding of estate laws and how they relate to your unique circumstances. Our lawyers will guide you through this legal maze to protect your family and save you thousands of dollars. Contact us today at 724-235-7939, and we can help you make sense of it all.

A True Partner in the Process

Unlike software from a box, our attorneys care about you and will listen to your goals as we guide you through the complexities of developing a trust that protects your legacy. As your partner in this process, we will listen to you and develop trusts and other estate planning strategies based on what you want for your family– not some generic template or formula.

What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a very effective tool in estate planning. A trust is created when one person transfers to another person a property interest to be held for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries). A living trust is created while you are alive and holds your assets for your benefits until your death. There are different types of living trusts, and the most common is a revocable living trust, which can be changed or altered at any time while you are alive. The irrevocable living trust is different in that it cannot be changed once it has been created, but is a useful tool when planning for long-term care.

How can a Living Trust protect my estate for my family and loved ones?

The goal of the trust is to pass on assets from one generation to another in the most economical, expeditious way possible. There are several advantages to using a living trust; the most critical are the avoidance of probate and tax minimization. Our clients in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania have benefited from the use of living trusts for many years.

The following are some of the advantages of a well-designed and administered living trust:

What about Living Trust Scams in Pennsylvania?

You may have heard stories where people in Pennsylvania have lost their money from Living Trust Scams. The Pennsylvania Attorney General has brought legal action against these fraudulent companies and is working to protect the rights of Pennsylvania consumers. The legal team at Shields & Boris is fighting against these scam artists by providing our clients with accurate legal counsel based on our 20 years of experience in estate planning. Our estate planning lawyers communicate with you every step of the way, making sure that you are comfortable and understand everything we are doing.

As specialists in living trusts, the attorneys at Shields & Boris are known for the personal attention we give to each of our clients. We will give you our undivided attention to ensure that the legal solutions we develop together meet your needs in a practical and understandable way. Contact us for a free consultation: 724-862-4860

What is a Shields & Boris Living Trust?

Utilizing the many strategies at our disposal, the experienced trust attorneys at Shields & Boris will evaluate your unique needs and design a comprehensive living trust just for you. As your partner, we will listen to your concerns and goals to ensure your living trust meets your desired outcome.

Shields & Boris can provide you with all the information and legal documents necessary for complete trust coverage. A sample of these benefits includes: detailed instructions for successor trustees, and time frames or age triggers which could be applied to the distribution of the trust assets.

An example of the legal documentation The Elder Law Offices of Shields & Boris can provide includes:

How Can You Help Keep Peace in My Family?

After many years working with families to design legal solutions to their assets, the trust attorneys at Shields & Boris understand how important it is to understand the unique needs of your family situation. When drafting your comprehensive living trust, our lawyers provide you with instructions on how to prevent disputes between family members when the successor trustee is carrying out the provisions of the living trust after your death. For instance, a “no contest” clause can be included which states that anyone who disputes the trust will be disinherited.

After our firm has completed the living trust in a way that meets your goals, our attorneys advise you to make copies of the written documents and give these to the appropriate family members.

Don’t Fall Victim to a Living Trust Scam Artist!

You need the guidance of legitimate lawyers specializing in the area of estate planning and specifically in trust law. Many attorneys lack the knowledge and experience to guide you through a comprehensive estate plan. With over 20 years of experience in trust law, the attorneys at Shields & Boris are well prepared to guide you through this legal maze.

We know trust law and have successfully supported hundreds of clients in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. There are many changing aspects to estate laws in Pennsylvania; our attorneys follow these changes and we know how these laws will affect you!