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Where do you turn when a loved one dies and you are responsible for administering their estate?

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Your loved one has passed away. You are grieving your loss and now you learn that you are responsible for handling the estate. In a short time, you need to become an expert in state laws and regulations, the process of probate, proving a will, administration of an estate, and inheritance and estate taxes.

In his third year of law school, Jim Shields found himself in this difficult situation. After the death of his mother, Jim’s family turned to him to handle the complicated process of probate and estate administration. Unprepared for this task, he turned for help from a lawyer specializing in probate and estate disposition.

It was then that Jim Shields dedicated his career to providing quality legal support for families dealing with the complexities of estate administration and disposition.

The Shields & Boris team of estate lawyers has helped many families develop estate plans designed to minimize losses to inheritance taxes and probate costs. We have the expertise to guide you through the confusing estate disposition process — proving a will, paying and collecting debts, filing and paying estate taxes, and probate costs. Our attorneys are known for the special attention we give to each of our clients. We understand the emotional strain involved when working through the death of a loved one. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

What is Probate?

Probate refers to the court process used to validate a will, administer payment of creditors and oversee distribution of the estate assets. Probate is a complex process that includes collecting, compiling an inventory and appraising assets, paying and collecting debts, filing and paying estate taxes, and distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries. Probate can be extremely complicated and require lengthy legal proceedings.

The attorneys of Shields & Boris have dealt with complex cases including estates where creditors have attached liens to a deceased’s property due to unpaid bills, welfare payments to nursing homes and will contests. We are well prepared to assist you in this difficult time. Call us today and let us carry the burden of this legal process for you, we care about you and your family!

How can an estate attorney help with the probate process?

The experienced probate lawyers of Shields & Boris work with families after the death of a loved one to make sure that the wishes and plans of the deceased are carried out. We will help you with the selling of assets, real estate transactions and closings, settling with creditors, and distribution of assets in accordance with the plans of the deceased.

Estate and probate laws vary by state and allow the government to recover certain costs for benefit payments provided during the life of the deceased. Our experienced Pennsylvania probate and estate attorneys are knowledgeable in these laws and will attend sworn hearings to help minimize the financial consequences to the estate.

What are non-probate actions?

In addition to probate, estate administration includes non-probate transfers of assets from an individual’s estate. Non-probate transfers include: trust assets, annuities, life insurance and qualified retirement plans. As estate administration attorneys, we are well prepared to assist you in any of these areas.

How do I deal with will contests?

You may think that having prepared a will guarantees that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. In reality, the court provides an opportunity for others to object to the will. A challenge or will contest may be brought by anyone with an interest in the will who contends that the document is invalid in some way. A will contest is made by someone challenging the validity of the will and handled through the courts. You will benefit from the services of a qualified estate and probate attorney who will be able to assist you with this and many other complex situations.

The Attorneys of Shields and Boris will help you with: gathering, assessing, inventorying, and distributing the assets of your deceased loved one. We will prepare estate tax returns, handle real estate transactions, and any litigation related to the estate in a timely manner. Our concern is for the disposition of your loved one’s assets in keeping with their intent while incurring the minimum cost to the estate. Give us a call and we can help you through this complex process!

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