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Do I Assume My Parents’ Timeshare when They Die?

Estate Planning

What to Do First when Spouse Dies

After a loved one dies, their affairs need to be set in order. You might find yourself planning a funeral, paying bills and closing accounts. The list of things you need to do after someone dies can seem endless, especially during a time when you are also grieving.

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Estate Planning

What States Make You Pay an Inheritance Tax?

As if losing a loved one weren’t hard enough, you might also have to add ‘death tax’ on the property that you receive from the estate—depending on where you live—in addition to all the other costs of death.

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Pittsburgh medicaid planning

What are Most Common Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines?

While it may take a while for production to ramp up to the point where a vaccine is readily available to the general public, health experts say there is one thing that’s critical for people to understand before they roll up their sleeves for the shots: The vaccines may cause side effects.

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