Are You Dehydrated and Don’t Know It?

Posted on July 4, 2022 by shieldsandboris

Older adults are at greater risk of dehydration anyway because of their body composition. As older adults, they have less water in their bodies than those younger. Water is essential for every bodily function, so not getting enough can have serious consequences for their health.

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6 Healthy Habits for Seniors

Posted on June 27, 2022 by shieldsandboris

As we age it becomes even more important that we practice healthy habits and keep our bodies in good working order. Keeping your mind, body, and soul healthy can add years to your life.

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Are You Protecting Your Eyes This Summer?

Posted on June 20, 2022 by shieldsandboris

It’s that time of year when we know we need to reach for the sunscreen. You need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, when you reach for the sunscreen, you should also be reaching for a pair of sunglasses, and not just because of how they look. We tend to underestimate how much of a risk the sun can pose to our eye health.

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The Surprising Benefits of Pickleball

Posted on June 13, 2022 by shieldsandboris

Pickleball, as with many exercises, can be the difference between needing help to survive or leading a live independently in your own home. Contact your local recreation center to find a pickleball game near you.

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