College Kids Need Advanced Directives Too

Posted on August 22, 2022 by shieldsandboris

Most people do not associate "Advanced Directives" with a young person. However, without them, you could find yourself out-in-the-cold if your college aged child gets sick or injured while away from home.

Once a minor child becomes an adult, you, as a parent, no longer have a legal right to their medical information.

That means if your college-aged child were in an accident or became ill, you would not be able to speak to treating Physicians without your child's consent. What if your child was unable to talk or give consent? Who could speak or act on their behalf then?

It is a scary proposition to think of finding yourself unable to speak for your child in a crisis or emergent situation.

The best way to avoid ever finding yourself in this scenario is to have your college-aged child complete a Healthcare Proxy, Living Will, and ideally a Durable Power of Attorney before leaving for college.

These documents are the legal permissions you need to act on your adult child's behalf in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to estate planning, whether for older or younger people, it is all about preparing for the worst-case scenario and giving you peace of mind. Rarely do people think about this sort of planning before a child leaves for college, but it should be on every parent's college move-out checklist.

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