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Helping You Protect Your Family Legacy

Located in Pittsburgh serving the entire Western and Central Pennsylvania region. The Elder Law Offices of Shields and Boris concentrates SOLELY on Elder Law and Estate Planning. All too often we see how procrastination or relying on advice from someone who isn’t legally qualified has had disastrous effects for clients.

Together our Attorneys have over 65 years of legal experience and have helped over a thousand families, couples, and individuals with Estate Planning, Probate, Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Medicaid Planning, and Asset Protection from nursing homes.

You want the best Estate Planning Lawyers and Probate Lawyers to answer your questions. We have the experience you can rely on!

Don’t wait for a crisis to begin planning for long-term care – contact “The Elder Law Offices of Shields and Boris” today!

Practice Areas

  •   Medicaid Planning - As life expectancies and long term care costs continue to rise, the challenge quickly becomes how to pay for these services. Many people cannot afford to pay $9,600 per month for the cost of a nursing home, and those who can afford to pay may find their life savings wiped out in a matter of months, rather than years. In our lifetime, Medicaid has become the long term care insurance of the middle class. But the eligibility to receive Medicaid Benefits requires that you pass certain tests on the amount of income and assets that you have. Estate planning can help and we can help with estate planning. < Read More >
  •   Living Trust - A living trust is a very effective tool in estate planning, but it takes expertise on the part of your attorney as well as considerable forethought on your part. Shields & Boris has a broad understanding of estate laws and how they relate to your unique circumstances. We will guide you through this legal maze of estate planning to protect your family and save you thousands of dollars. Contact us today at 1-800-879-0984 and we can help you make sense of it all. < Read More >
  •   Estate Administration & Probate - Where do you turn when a loved one dies and you are responsible for administering their estate? The Shields & Boris team of estate planning lawyers has helped many families develop estate plans designed to minimize losses to inheritance taxes and probate costs. We have the expertise to guide you through the confusing estate disposition process — proving a will, paying and collecting debts, filing and paying estate taxes, and probate costs. < Read More >
  •   Asset Protection - Are you protected from the high costs of nursing home and long term care? You have worked hard all your life and saved for a comfortable retirement. You plan to pass on a nice legacy to your children and grandchildren. The Attorneys at Shields & Boris are here to help you through these troubled times. Our team will provide you with estate planning strategies to legally protect your assets from long term care expenses and qualify for Medicaid. < Read More >
  •   Veterans Benefits - Are you eligible for veterans’ benefits for non-service related disabilities? A vet who is over 65 and now disabled may qualify for much needed money to pay for medical bills! The Veteran Benefit Lawyers of Shields & Boris can help you pursue your right to benefits or appeal. < Read More >
  •   Special Needs - Shields and Boris has extensive experience developing difficult options that can be used to support your special needs loved one. A special needs trust helps protect assets for a person with a disability without interfering with any benifit that person is receiving. It can be structured to provide for a special needs person for their lifetime and allowing any remaining funds distributed to other loved ones or a charity.
  •   Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Planning Center - Our firm has created the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Planning Center as a special division of our practice because dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, other forms of dementia or cognitive impairment, and chronic illnesses requires a particular knowledge and skillset that we believe sets us apart from other estate planning and elder law firms. We know that dealing with disease is difficult not only for our loved ones with the diagnosis, but also for their caregivers. There are specific legal, financial, and personal considerations that should be addressed. < Read More >

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Helping You Protect Your Family Legacy

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